Powering Data Collection

Powering Data Collection

Powering Data Collection

Powering Data Collection


What We Do

We chart the course for successful data collection.

Through procurement, international logistics, and shipping capabilities, Vessel connects premium mobile tools to companies across the globe. We source, provision, and distribute the best devices to power data collection software. We serve any industry where this need exists, with a proven focus in healthcare. Our services even extend to BYOD trials by providing flexible provisioning.

Vessel: your trusted partner in mobile device solutions since 2005.

Our Process

Navigating global channels to deliver results.

Vessel uses its unrestricted global channels to source devices from industry-leading manufacturers that meet specific clients’ needs and varying countries’ safety certifications. We offer secure storage in our state-of-the-art warehouse to meet fluctuating customer lead times. We install and configure software and provide pack-out services with our superior provisioning capabilities. We then manage the full scope of logistics to ensure successful and timely delivery, and complete post-trial handling to improve ROI whenever possible.

Quality Assurance

Vessel Receives Shipment
After Vessel guides a customer in selecting a device that meets specific needs, we source the appropriate device and facilitate the customer’s purchase. We then receive the customer’s devices at Vessel’s state-of-the-art warehouse.

Inspect Packaging
Our Quality Assurance team inspects packaging for any signs of damage during shipping, notifying the Quality Team immediately of any discrepancies. The QA team photographs and unpacks all incoming shipments and records IMEI numbers. After separating accessories, the devices are moved to the production floor for configuration.

Verify Package Labels
We inspect all package labels for accuracy of order, part numbers, model numbers, SKU numbers, software version, and quantities. Additionally, we inspect them for authenticity to the particular manufacturer, and report any discrepancies immediately.

Install Application Software
Once the devices pass inspection and reach the production floor, we configure the device’s application software to meet customer specifications.

QC Inspection
Once configuration is complete, our QA team inspects all devices to ensure that they meet customers’ expectations by powering devices on, verifying application software versions, and confirming proper configuration changes.

Shipment & Asset Tagging
Upon completion, we pack all devices according to packing instructions set forth by the transportation agency involved and shipment destination. We package all devices to withstand transit by air, sea, rail, or domestic cargo van. We label or re-label to meet customer specifications. Vessel can apply MPNs, IPNs, device specifications, asset tags, internal SKU numbers, and any other information required by customers.

The Vessel Advantage

We don’t just source devices and drop them at your doorstep. We utilize our global reach to partner with our clients and consistently deliver unmatched results like these throughout every step of the process.

Delivering Results Internationally

Vessel connects clients with proper customs-related paperwork—leaving you to focus on results.

Increasing Profit Margins

Vessel helps clients achieve a return on their hardware investments at project completion.

Customize With Ease

Vessel facilitates factory-installed custom features on devices.

Saving Time & Headspace

Vessel reduces lead times on devices for critical UAT & FPV.

Partnering with Top Manufacturers

Vessel can extend device life cycle, accommodating clinical trial completion despite device obsolescence.

Experience in Saving You Money

Vessel is skilled in helping clients save money on freight, putting more dollars back in your pocket.

Stress-Free Communication

Vessel supports and facilitates customer validation requirements and manufacturer support, taking the headache out of information sharing.

Universal Connections

Vessel leverages its global channels and partnerships to provide customers with competitive pricing.


Since 2005, Vessel continues to be the industry-leading partner in mobile device fulfillment for a wide range of pharmaceutical, CRO, eCOA/ePRO, and healthcare companies. We connect premium mobile tools to companies across the globe through international logistics, shipping, and procurement.


Vessel uses its competitive global channels to source devices that meet specific client needs and certifications. Our unlimited access to the marketplace allows us to offer:

  • Tablets, smart phones, or wearables from a wide range of industry-leading manufacturers including Acer, Apple, Asus, HP, HTC, Huawei, Lenovo, LG, Samsung, and more;
  • New product introduction well ahead of market launch;
  • Volume and product flexibility; and
  • Lifecycle extensions for end-of-life products.

Vessel’s unique sourcing capabilities enable technological advancement and rapid growth in any industry that needs reliable, customizable devices.

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Vessel connects software and devices.

Our industry-leading provisioning expertise includes:

  • De-packaging and inspection for quality assurance
  • Software installation, configuration, and device imaging
  • Testing, asset tagging, and manufacturer warranty support
  • Customizable pack-out services
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We handle the logistics of a multi-step process.

Vessel’s partnerships with clients extend beyond simply sourcing devices – we share your sense of urgency and provide premier customer service.


  • We support timely delivery of device through shipping and freight, study site shipments, and accurate export documentation
  • We provide manufacturer warranty support to ensure devices perform as expected throughout a clinical trial or in any other application
  • We complete post-trial device handling
  • We market end-of-trial devices to increase your ROI

Trust Vessel to deliver the devices you need, wherever and whenever you need them.

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Vessel is a valuable partner that provides more than just data collection devices. We utilize our financial strength and extensive industry experience to help you reach your data collection goals – from choosing the right device to ensuring device delivery exactly when you need it.

Vessel’s capabilities include:

  • Extensive consultation to identify your individual needs
  • Sourcing devices appropriate for your specific application
  • Providing insight into manufacturers’ product releases
  • Global device logistics management
  • Implementation
  • Meeting just-in-time delivery demand
  • Extending product lifecycles
  • End-of-trial ROI
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Global Advantage

Vessel’s global purchasing and sales team spans 14 countries with fluency in 11 languages.

We utilize our multiple global manufacturing channels to provide competitive device sourcing.

We provide a full range of logistics services including shipping and exportation from country of origin, to importing, to inspection.

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