Adopting Technology Driven Trials

Clinical Trial Success Depends on Technology Adoption.

In the world of clinical trials, accurate data is essential for success. When delayed or failed trials cost the pharmaceutical companies billions, mistakes and setbacks are not sustainable. Sponsors and CRO’s must adapt alongside the changing technologies to ensure accurate data collection.

In the article, The rise of ‘technology-enabled’ clinical research companies, the senior VP of R&D technology solutions at Quintiles IMS is quoted saying:

“The future of technology-enabled clinical research will ultimately be about companies continuing to intelligently leverage technology within the existing regulatory framework and, in parallel, taking the next leap to disrupt the industry with innovation.”

The objective at Vessel is to provide CRO’s and Pharmaceutical companies with the right tools to do just that. With technology advancing every day, it’s never been more important to integrate a clinical trial with the right devices to ensure patient compliance and accurate data collection.

January 17th, 2017 By: Melissa Fassbender