Choosing the Right eCOA Partner

Choosing the Right Partner: Vessel Knows How to Work Within Your Implementation Strategy

Vessel knows that every clinical trial has specific requirements that their eCOA devices must comply with.

IPI Clinical Research stressed the importance of this selection in their article, Three ‘Ps’ for Implementing an Effective eCOA Strategy: People, Process, and Plan:

“For optimal patient completion compliance, the eCOA devices selected should be simple, FDA-compliant, and integrate easily with other required medical devices. All devices must be validated to store and transfer data privately and safely, within a tamperproof eCOA data collection system.”

Our sourcing and provisioning capabilities make us the ideal partner for your search. Whether you’ve identified the device you need and are looking for the best deal or you need help matching the right device to your parameters, Vessel has the connections and expertise to find what you need.