Increasing Patient Compliance

eCOA: Decreasing the Margin of Error in Data Collection and Increasing Patient Compliance.

Not only does the implementation of eCOA drastically decrease the margin of error for data collection in clinical trials, but studies show this method can also contribute to more open and honest responses from patients. eCOA and ePRO devices increase data accuracy by allowing patients to have the confidence of using a secure device to communicate directly with their site coordinator and by eliminating the discomfort of asking medical questions face to face.

In her article, eCOA Increases Patient-Site Communication and Candor, Susan M. Dallabrida Ph.D. describes a common problem this way:

“The digital field has been largely successful in disseminating awareness of the value of eCOA systems to improve data quality/completeness. This survey highlights an important additional finding, namely that the perception that an electronic device represents a physical barrier between the site and patient remains prevalent. This is concerning because the opposite is true, the use of electronic devices promotes patient/clinicians in interactions and enables better care.

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