Ensuring eCOA Adoption with the Right Device

Choosing the right device for your patients and coordinators and using the right implementation tactics are essential to ensuring the successful transition from paper diaries to eCOA devices. Worldwide Clinical Trials recently conducted a survey that revealed 67% of study coordinators preferred paper to eCOA solutions due to the complexity of implementing the new methods.

Centerwatch commented on this resistance in their article, Survey: Well-defined eCOA Strategies Necessary in Trial Design Stage:

“The findings of this Worldwide Clinical Trials study demonstrate the importance of well-defined eCOA strategies at the clinical trial design stage. Understanding site perceptions and incorporating these at the initial stages of a trial will ensure the technology enables rather than encumbers trial processes, positively impacts outcomes, and will help pave the way towards industry-wide acceptance at all levels of the research team.”

While adoption might be slow, the accuracy of electronic data collection cannot be ignored. Vessel is here to help you make the transition as smooth as possible by matching your clinical trials to the perfect device.