IoT and Clinical Trials

The Internet of Things Combats the Main Cause of Clinical Trial Dropout

The Internet of Things, or IoT, is the bridge between the physical world and the ever-expanding world of mobile devices. The healthcare industry is set to benefit exponentially from this connection, particularly regarding clinical trials.

In her article, How the IoT is Changing Clinical Trials, Tiffany Rowe explains the biggest setback in clinical trial management:

“Keeping diaries, filling in surveys, and visiting physicians are often part of a study, and failure to follow the study protocol in any of these areas can skew the results.”

Unfortunately, failure to follow protocol is far too common amongst patients participating in clinical trials. The IoT has long been developing solutions to these problems. By instituting mobile devices and wearable technologies, CRO’s can redesign their trials to adhere to patients’ routines. Data won’t be altered or misinterpreted by the patient’s inability to keep track of their scheduled updates or to make their physician appointments.

February 2nd, 2017 By: Tiffany Rowe